Homeschooling Through the Death of a Child

Throughout life, we will have many trials and tribulations. This is certain whether we are Believers of Jesus Christ or not. How we handle them depends on our dependence on the Lord. But to some extent, I also think what sort of trial we are going through will determine how quickly we will “rebound” (and… 

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Homeschooling While Caring For Elderly Parents {The Sandwhich Generation}

When You Can't See the Wind ||

Sometimes our life commitments are a tug of war for our time. When I thought about writing this article I thought about several things that would qualify as difficult to contend with while homeschooling. Some things have lasted a short time and then we were able to move on, but we have one that is… 

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Homeschooling Through Depression


I haven’t seen many posts about homeschooling through depression. It’s not something we like to think about or talk about. I guess most of us don’t like to admit when we’re depressed, and it’s not exactly a cheerful topic to discuss or read about. I know from experience, though, that many of us have suffered… 

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