What I Learned When God Grounded Me for the Summer


It was the summer of 1988, and like any typical high school girl, I couldn’t wait to spend it hanging out with my BFFs: sunning at the beach, shopping at the mall, staying up all night at pajama parties, finding ways to run into good-looking boys — you know. I was a 15-year-old Christian girl… 

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The Summer of Hope


Heat, haze, and humidity… Three words that describe summers of my life. Hurt, heartache, and yet…hope. Three words that describe the summer that changed me – the summer of hope. It was much like being the new kid in school – thrust into a situation I didn’t understand, watching as the world went on while… 

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One Summer I Will Never Forget

Managing Your Blessings

Some summers hold sweet memories, others may not be quite as sweet, but what they all share is the promise of brighter days, longer sunsets, and the realization that they end all too soon. One summer in my childhood stands out above the rest. Summers in my youth were long, blissful events, seemingly endless, full… 

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