Mary, Did You Know?

Mary, Did You Know

Mary, Did You Know? Being a mother who carried a sweet baby boy during the season of advent 7 years ago, I found an intimate connection to story of Mary, the mother of Jesus. I found myself identifying more with the honor she held as a woman of God chosen to carry such a gift… 

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Are We Passing On A Counterfeit Faith?

Are We Passing On A Counterfeit Faith

We all want the best for our children; there’s no doubt about that. We all want our friends, acquaintances, and family members to know, love, and walk with God. Most of us would even admit to being aware that we are called to also want the same for our enemies. It makes sense, then, that… 

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Essential Oil Support for Pregnancy

Essential Oil Support for Pregnancy ||

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a mother’s life.  The excitement, plans and process of development and growth is something that one never forgets!  Along with the excitement can also come many unwanted guests, nausea, fatigue, swelling and stretching to name a few!  When I realized how essential oils could help during pregnancy I almost… 

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Discipling Our Children In Prayer

Discipling Our Children In Prayer ||

Mentoring is a hot topic. Secular and faith-based writers and organizations laud its benefits, decry its scarcity, and encourage its revival. But like many other disciplines and practices, mentoring is simply a version of discipleship: a relational technique brought to life by Christ’s interactions with His hand-picked group of up-close-and-personal friends and students. Anyone can be discipled in… 

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