Praying for Success

When You Want to Succeed

How do you teach motivation? What do you do with that difficult child? The one who will have her own way. No matter what. We learned long ago we can’t make her do anything she doesn’t desire to do. We’ve lectured and talked until we’re blue. I tried, unsuccessfully, to compare/contrast intrinsic and extrinsic motivation…. 

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Forgetting to Say Thank You

forgetting to say thank you

Thanksgiving is about expressing gratitude.  It’s a time to reflect on the things we have been given, the things we have been kept from, and the things the Lord has removed from our lives. To get into the spirit of the holidays, we moms typically create daily exercises of gratefulness by making lists of what… 

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Giving Thanks When Life Is Hard

giving thanks

Background photo: Siddharth Mallya/Wikimedia Commons Last week I began planning our unit study on Thanksgiving.  I decided that I really want to take it slow and approach this holiday from all angles.  It is so important that my daughter learns to be thankful.  I decided we should memorize a verse on thankfulness.  I was going… 

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