Modesty Is Counter-Cultural

Modesty is Counter-Cultural

I loathe shopping for my teen daughter. Not because of the stress of shopping or rude cashiers or the high prices or anything as shallow as all that. It’s because the selections for clothing in the shops is too often inappropriate, especially with warmer weather approaching. Even I sometimes struggle to find items to update… 

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When We Are Suffering


As I write this, it is the eleventh anniversary of the death of my father. I grieve for what was lost, and what will never be. I am coming down with a virus, and my throat is sore and scratchy. Earlier today, I slipped and fell in my hallway from my son’s dripping bathwater trail,… 

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How to Be Content with What We Have


One glance at her Facebook newsfeed is enough to make the most determined woman feel discontent. An old friend shares her vacation photos, a colleague gushes about the diamonds her husband bought her, a relative shows off her renovated kitchen, an acquaintance shares news of her promotion at work, another friend shares her fabulously done… 

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Where to Start When Seeking God’s Direction: Part Three


When you are faced with major decisions regarding your homeschooling, your family, your own personal role and relationships, seeking God’s direction can seem very daunting. Even daily decisions can get bogged down with the opinions and advice of others, self doubt, and conflicting messages from our culture. As I shared in Part One and Part… 

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