Breaking Down Our Curriculum Silos


There are a dizzying variety of homeschool curriculum choices out there.  In fact, a recent internet search for “homeschool curriculum” returned over 4.6 million results.  Buy used homeschool curriculum.  Homeschool curriculum swap.  Your one-stop homeschool curriculum shop. Even deciding where to buy your homeschool curriculum can be overwhelming, much less which curriculum to buy.  Charlotte… 

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School’s Out for Summer! Or Is It?

Homeschool Summer

I know that there are many families who officially homeschool year-round, but ours does not.  Maybe it’s a hold-over from our public school days, but we start school in August and end in May.  Or at least I thought we did. Being in the second summer of our homeschooling adventure, I’m finding that the line… 

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The Dreaded “S” Word: Socialization

Teachers and classmates come in all ages and in many locations-even during an impromptu amphibian lesson after church.

Before we began homeschooling, our son attended public school.  I will never forget the day that our then 6-year-old came home and reported to us that someone had said the “S word” at school.  You can imagine my thoughts.  I asked him what they said and assured him that he wouldn’t get in trouble for… 

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Mismatched Learning Styles and Homeschooling an Only Child

NDEW and Trav working

I’m pretty sure that I was bitten by the “teacher bug” shortly after birth.  I can still picture the 1950’s-era school desks that my grandmother had in her basement and remember the joy that I got from “teaching” my younger cousins.  My lessons were complete with handwritten worksheets, manipulatives, and report cards.  I’m not sure… 

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Yes, He Is Our Only Child

Is He Your Only Child? Whitney talks a little about her family's journey as the homeschoolers of an only child. :: Managing Your Blessings

Hello everyone!  I’m Whitney and I’m so excited to be joining the contributing writer family here at Managing Your Blessings! I’ll be sharing about homeschooling an only child and I look forward to getting to know you all as we travel this homeschooling journey together. I thought I would jump right into this topic by… 

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