3 Vital Ingredients for Christian Growth


Living as a Christian in a secular world can be quite the challenge at times. The only thing that can keep us going in the midst of adversities is our trust in a faithful God. While it’s nice to remain at a basic level of faith and remain content with it, we’ll experience abundant life… 

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How to Be Content with What We Have


One glance at her Facebook newsfeed is enough to make the most determined woman feel discontent. An old friend shares her vacation photos, a colleague gushes about the diamonds her husband bought her, a relative shows off her renovated kitchen, an acquaintance shares news of her promotion at work, another friend shares her fabulously done… 

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Glorifying God with Your Talents

Glorifying God With Your Talents :: Managing Your Blessings

For many years, I looked at people who had special talents and thought they were uniquely gifted by God. I know friends who have an amazing voice, the gift of creativity, unusual problem-solving skills. But somewhere along the line, God nudged me, reminding me that He has gifted me, too, with some unique talents. It… 

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10 Ways to Rekindle Your Lost Love

10 Ways to Rekindle Lost Love

Do you remember your wedding day? It was your big day with flowers and good wishes all around, and the two of you deeply in love. Do you remember your honeymoon and the sweet, tender love that flourished between you and your husband? I’m sure it still puts a smile on your face! I was so much… 

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