Resisting the Temptation to Blame


Blame is nothing new. From the literal Biblical beginning (Genesis 3:11-13), we learn that a fundamental trait of our sin nature is to place blame for our actions on a person or a circumstance. Then the man said, ‘The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I… 

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4 Fears to Overcome When Parenting Tweens & Teens

When our children are young, the guidance we provide is very tangible. Dangers are obvious, and saying “no” is part of daily life. However, as our children enter the tween years and develop their own judgement, setting rules and guidelines gets more complicated. As Christian parents, we must be watchful for our motives when setting… 

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Where to Start When Seeking God’s Direction: Part Three


When you are faced with major decisions regarding your homeschooling, your family, your own personal role and relationships, seeking God’s direction can seem very daunting. Even daily decisions can get bogged down with the opinions and advice of others, self doubt, and conflicting messages from our culture. As I shared in Part One and Part… 

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Five Places to Find Spiritual Refreshment

Managing Your Blessings

Before we had children, my husband and I loved hiking and backpacking. My favorite part is strategic stops along the way to enjoy amazing views, wildlife and wildflowers, and, of course, refueling over a campfire. Once we had children tagging along, taking breaks on hikes became even more important. Along with our own fatigue, we’re… 

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Making Resolutions? Resolve to Seek & Serve in 2014

Making Resolutions? Resolve to Seek & Serve in 2014 ||

How many times have you anxiously awaited the arrival of a New Year — hoping for that all-important fresh start — only to be sorely disappointed when your resolutions go nowhere? Or even worse, how many times have you accomplished a resolution, only to find that the pure bliss you expected to experience upon its… 

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Cake Pops Featuring Our Favorite Duo, Peppermint & Chocolate

If there’s one thing my girls and I have in common when it comes to sweet treats, it’s an absolute LOVE of chocolate. Whether it’s a birthday cake, cookies, cake pop, ice cream, or candy, if it’s in our kitchen, there will be chocolate in it somewhere. The Christmas season is no different, and our… 

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