Finding My Simplicity

Managing Your Blessings

Slowly, perhaps painfully, we discover for ourselves that our struggle against unhealthy egoism and self-centeredness, against the materialism and acquisitive individualism of our society, against the apathy and the indifference of our culture, is really a struggle about just who we are and who it is we hope to become. – M. Shawn Copeland Which is… 

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My Bread Machine Routine


Over time, I have realized how important rhythm and habit are to me for a satisfying home life. I’ve created all kinds of schedules, hoping to one day finally stumble upon “the one” that finally gets my life in order. It feels like there are never enough daylight hours to do the things I want… 

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When We Are Suffering


As I write this, it is the eleventh anniversary of the death of my father. I grieve for what was lost, and what will never be. I am coming down with a virus, and my throat is sore and scratchy. Earlier today, I slipped and fell in my hallway from my son’s dripping bathwater trail,… 

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Following Their Lead in Reading

According to our parents, my husband and I both started reading when we were four.  So naturally, when my firstborn was around that age,  I started teaching him phonics.  I was really excited for him to discover books.  I read to him everyday, trailing my finger along the words.  I bought used Abeka phonics cards… 

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The Family Librarian

As I write, I can hear two different Bunnicula audio books playing in separate rooms.  My eleven-year-old son wasn’t quite sure what to think when I checked them out, but he should know by now that my book recommendations have usually served him well.  He showed the same reluctance to Hank the Cowdog when I… 

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Slowing It Down

We’re slowing it down. September is usually the month of revving up, the time when many of us have begun a new school year. I’m always energized by fresh plans, new books, and renewed commitment to my goals and values. It’s a new homeschool honeymoon period. Somewhere around the second month of the semester, though,… 

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Contemplating Curriculum

This is the time of year when many families have ordered their curriculum, and have it ready and waiting for the back-to-school season.  I’ve always loved creasing those crisp covers back for the first time and thinking about the potential each book holds for another new year of discovery.  I remember my early years as… 

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Not Aiming for Pinterest Perfection

Sometimes I think about how glad I am that there was no Facebook or any form of social media when I was a teenager. I’m also glad that I didn’t come of age as a parent in the days of Pinterest and blogging. Blogs shape our culture, for better and for worse. They are what… 

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Homeschooling Through Chronic Illness

I have had chronic pain and fatigue for all the years I’ve homeschooled my children. I thought I would share about how I work through some of the challenges it brings. I get recurrent kidney stones, but what affects me more on a daily basis is disabling fatigue, and pain in my nerves and joints…. 

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