Beyond Homeschool Graduation

Managing Your Blessings

The day has finally arrived when you graduate your oldest child from high school, having homeschooled through most, if not all, of the school years. It’s been a trying journey, but you have successfully finished homeschooling…at least for one of your children. But now what? What do you do when homeschooling comes to an end?… 

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Year-Round Schooling: Is It For You?

Year round schooling

In my early years of homeschooling, we used to begin every August and end at the end of May, taking off the summer months like the public schools did. But a few years into our journey, we realized that we were so busy in December with preparations for church Christmas events, and in June taking… 

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Getting Away From The Schoolroom

Getting Away From the Schoolroom

When I began homeschooling, I purchased school desks for each of my children, got new workbooks, researched all the latest curricula, and spoke with other homeschooling moms. I planned what each of my students would work on each year, made lesson plans, created weekly assignment sheets, and calculated when they would graduate high school. What… 

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Getting Back on Schedule After the Holidays

I love the holidays! It’s such a relaxing time and yet hurried, too. We take the month of December off from regular school because we have so much going on with our supplemental school, church activities and rehearsals, and family gatherings, that in the past we simply fell behind and I became frustrated easily. You… 

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Homeschooling and Holidays: Staying on Target


As we approach the holiday season, you may be wondering how you can stay on schedule with homeschooling.  My family decided several years ago that we would take off the entire month of December from our schooling endeavors.  We usually have a lot of things going on with church programs, visits from out-of-town relatives, and… 

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Guiding Your Students Toward Their Goals

This month I want to talk about how to guide our children toward their passions, callings, and visions the Lord is beginning to reveal to them in their lives.  If you read that sentence thinking, “My middle/high schooler doesn’t have a CLUE what his or her vision, passion, or calling is!  How can I guide… 

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