When The Rhythm Is Disrupted

When the Rhythm is Disrupted

Recently, I was asked what my plans are for this summer. I replied that we’re creating a new rhythm. We’re moving into our house in the cutest little German village next week. Out of that stressful disruption will come new experiences. We get to make memories in that house for three years. I get to… 

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Modesty Is Counter-Cultural

Modesty is Counter-Cultural

I loathe shopping for my teen daughter. Not because of the stress of shopping or rude cashiers or the high prices or anything as shallow as all that. It’s because the selections for clothing in the shops is too often inappropriate, especially with warmer weather approaching. Even I sometimes struggle to find items to update… 

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Learning to Let Go

With a new year comes evaluation, changes, praise, regret, resolution. Perhaps these are amplified for the homeschool mom. I sure feel the weight of responsibility on my shoulders constantly. And even moreso for the homeschool mom of a teenager. Teens have a way of putting you in your place, don’t they? We’ve spend the last… 

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When Challenging Becomes Overwhelming

With so many curriculum options out there and the rigors of a classical education, how do I know how much is too much or too little? I certainly don’t want to overwhelm my kids but I do want to challenge them. How do I maintain balance? How do I promote a love for learning? How… 

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In the Middle

What to do with that middle schooler…junior high girl…lost child… between childhood and adulthood? Our society pushes these girls to grow up way too soon. We see the shocking scenes in the media that many in our society deem “normal.” I say that it’s not normal and there’s no such thing as this Western adolescent… 

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