New Year, New Planning – A Different Way to Plan for 2014

New Year, New Planning - A Different Way to Plan for 2014

Yes, 2014 is right around the corner. Interestingly, a new year always brings plenty of old things: old intentions to exercise more, eat more healthy foods, spend money more wisely, you name it. It’s a pretty sure bet that most resolutions and ‘new starts’ involve the body or money. But what about other areas of life?… 

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Are We Passing On A Counterfeit Faith?

Are We Passing On A Counterfeit Faith

We all want the best for our children; there’s no doubt about that. We all want our friends, acquaintances, and family members to know, love, and walk with God. Most of us would even admit to being aware that we are called to also want the same for our enemies. It makes sense, then, that… 

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Discipling Our Children In Prayer

Discipling Our Children In Prayer ||

Mentoring is a hot topic. Secular and faith-based writers and organizations laud its benefits, decry its scarcity, and encourage its revival. But like many other disciplines and practices, mentoring is simply a version of discipleship: a relational technique brought to life by Christ’s interactions with His hand-picked group of up-close-and-personal friends and students. Anyone can be discipled in… 

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Can We Handle The Truth?

Can We Handle The Truth? || ||

I was raised by a mother who highly esteems the word of God. She has always stressed the importance of knowing and faithfully living it. So it doesn’t surprise me that I developed an interest and desire to know what the Word says and to understand how to apply it to the challenges of life…. 

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Beautiful Minds {Part 2}

Beautiful Minds {Part 2} @ Managing Your Blessings

So…since my post last month, I have continued to focus on the mind, how important it is to think properly, and the significant role it plays in determining the course of our days, weeks, months, and years. I’ve felt strongly since the beginning of this year that the Lord really wants me to dig into this… 

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Who’s Got YOUR Mind?

Whos Got Your Mind 2

When I was a teenager, my friends and I had a saying to communicate how much we liked a guy. If one of us girls started talking about a guy all the time, wanting to be with him when we weren’t, we’d say, “Girl, he’s got your mind!” That was our way of saying this… 

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