A Slow Holiday

How to make changes to slow down life during the hoiday season.

Last month my post was all about implementing some changes in how I, as the mom, wife and CEO of this house, approach the holiday season. I wrote out three things that I was setting out to do, or rather, I included things I didn’t want to do (such as procrastinate, have too high of… 

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Changing Christmas

Changing Christmas - 3 commitments I'm making to my family this holiday season

In the age of Pinterest parties, perfectly Instagrammed houses, and chain stores decorating for Christmas in the beginning of October, we can easily get swept up in what this season “should” look like. I’m guilty of it, too — of longing for a “gorgeous” Christmas season. The decorations are over-the-top beautiful, trimmed with hand-dipped gold… 

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Sheltering the Heart of Your Tween

Sheltering the heart of your tween - Amy Schuff

She’s got one huge freckle precisely under her left eye. I just know it’s going to grow and grow and become a sincere beauty mark once she becomes an adult. Her lashes are much longer than mine, even when I have mascara on, and her nose is a perfect little tan button. Her legs are like… 

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Heart Prep – An Unschooler’s Back-to-School Guide

Unschooling Back to School

My challenge this month is to write on “Back to School,” and I have to be honest. I have been staring at my screen for a few minutes, not really knowing how to start. By now, if you’ve been reading my articles, you know I am an eclectic unschooler. I don’t use curriculum for every… 

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The Summer That Changed Me

A post about friendship

Summer is my season. I come alive when the sun stays up late and the temperature rises over 90 degrees. While I was just a little girl, one summer in particular forever changed the person that I would become. It has shaped, even to this day, what I think friendship is and should mean to… 

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School 365

Amy Schuff

School 365 It’s that time of year, the time when the days get longer and the nights hotter. Children wake up and put their bathing suits on, just in case they get to run in the sprinkler that day. Windows are thrown open, the dog barks exceptionally loudly at the squirrels, and the garden is… 

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Finding Your Homeschooling Feet


Pretend you’re in the market for new shoes (you probably don’t have to pretend that!). You’ve been wearing the same shoes for a long time. They are dependable and  stable. They are all you know, but something about them just doesn’t feel right. Oh yes, you’ve worn them for years! They are on your feet,… 

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Unschooling Isn’t Mysterious

Taking the mystery out of unschooling

So maybe unschooling is a bit intriguing to you, maybe a little bit interesting, a little bit mysterious. You’re conjuring up images in your mind of children who never get bathed, walk barefoot all the time, and eat out of dog bowls (well, maybe just two out of three are true!). You like the idea… 

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