April Fool’s Day. Really?

Today is a day that has been set aside for pranks.  In some cases, very elaborate pranks.  The pranks are often based on deception, lies, or some other kind of trickery.  Considering the prankster, the prank, and their victim, some serious harm could be done to the victim, as well as the prankster.  You can never know how someone will respond.    You can predict a certain response and have a completely different outcome.  The objective is usually to embarrass, make a fool of, or humiliate your target.   There are exceptions, but we are talking about the majority of those who participate in this holiday.   The target of the prank could be physically, mentally, emotionally and/or even spiritually damaged.  We do this all in the name of fun.  I’m sure there are individuals who wait in excitement all year for this day, the day when it is acceptable to lie and deceive for a good laugh.

Now, I don’t want you to think I’m trying to steal your joy because I’m not.  We are all free to make our own choices, therefore living life the way we choose.  I just think we need to take a moment and think about why we celebrate some of these holidays.  Do they line up with the Word of God?  Exactly what is taking place on these days as we participate in such activities?  If Christ were here, would he participate in the traditions we have?  It should only take you a second to realize that he probably wouldn’t.

As Christians, one of our primary responsibilities is spreading the “good news,”  the one and only truth.  We are to be about our Father’s business.  That doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy ourselves along the way, but that does mean we should be constantly living our lives to the best of our ability in accordance to how he would have us to live.  All year long we battle against lies and deception.  Our faith is constantly being challenged.  We are continuously being tempted to doubt who we are and what God has for us.   When we make mistakes we may feel convicted, embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated, and defeated.  We may even want to give up, but that’s not what God wants for us.  That’s why he sacrificed his only begotten son–so that we, the imperfect beings that we are, would not be in bondage to these dark feeling and emotions.  We spend our days wishing and praying we had more time, knowing that will never happen.    There are  24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and that’s not going to change, which means we just wasted time wishing and praying for more time.

Saying all that to say, let us not be fools today or any other day. Let us not laugh at someone else’s expense. Instead of embarrassing or humiliating someone, bless someone. Don’t waste your time joking around. Be productive. The time wasted you’ll be praying for later.