About Us

Carlie Kercheval So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler? is a blog dedicated to encouraging and inspiring homeschooling parents. Founded by Carlie Kercheval, this site was originally a personal blog created while Carlie was living alone in Germany while her husband was serving on his 5th year long combat deployment to the Middle East. Carlie is a blessed momma to five beautiful children: 3 precious ones here with her on Earth and 2 angels now in heaven. She is a veteran homeschooler entering into her 12th year of homeschooling. Carlie’s heart for her fellow homeschoolers is to help minister and equip new homeschoolers for the journey as well as provide encouragement and inspiration for seasoned homeschoolers in the midst of their homeschooling journey.

Carlie and her husband Michael are the co-authors of the Learning to Speak Life™ Bible Studies. Beginning in January of 2014, Michael and Carlie will be hosting the Learning to Speak Life Radio Show on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network!

Carlie is also the founder of Managing Your Blessings – a multi-contributor women’s ministry site dedicated to encouraging and teaching women to cultivate their giftings and be good stewards of God’s blessing.

You can connect with her through Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Remember as homeschoolers we are an international community of parents striving to accomplish the same thing: educate our children the very best we can. I pray that your time with us is nothing short of a blessing. We look forward to connecting with you as we walk our journey of homeschooling TOGETHER.