51 Frugal Father Daughter Dates {Review & Giveaway}

Managing Your Blessings

When my wife mentioned to me a book that would help me sow into my relationship with my daughter, I was thrilled. 51 Frugal Father Daughter Dates, was just what I needed for my continual quest to win my daughter’s heart.

51 Frugal Father Daughter Dates, was an easy read to read book for me. I love reading books that are short and to the point. As a man, that is trying to be more expressive with words, I loved reading this book. The author gave good insight on different approaches to have more open communication between father and daughter. This book helped fill me in on ideas on how to get to know my Princess better.

One great idea that the author Ashley Pichea gave was to go the library with my daughter. This would be a perfect fit for my daughter and I because my Princess is a book worm that loves reading more than the average person. Ashley Pichea really came from a economical standpoint as well. Pichea has father daughter date ideas for every budget. She gives ideas that are free, $5 or less, $10 or less, $20 or less, and $50 or less. Basically, there is no excuse for any father to not spend quality time with their daughter(s) due to expenses.

Another idea that is mentioned is to watch a movie. I chose to use this approach recently with my daughter. In fact, my Princess was happy to spend time with me alone. Since we have similar personalities, we laughed at all the same parts in our movie together. Nothing could compare to the look in my daughter’s eyes for spending time with her daddy.

51 Father Daughter Dates gives amazing ideas for a father to have awesome dates with their daughter(s). She starts out with free ideas and ends with dates that cost up to $50 dollars. So fathers, there is no excuse to not take the time and money to win the heart of your daughters. All I ask is that you put your best foot forward and apply the tools mentioned in this book!
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Michael Kercheval is currently a soldier in the United States Army. He has been married to Carlie Kercheval since June of 2000. Together they have 3 amazing children. Michael enjoys martial arts, baking, and traveling with his family. Michael is putting together an online men’s ministry, so keep an eye out for his new project. You can find him on Twitter.


  1. Michelle says

    I would love to win this book because we have 3 daughters. We want to keep their hearts and daddy/daughter dates are a great way to build the daddy/daughter relationship.

  2. Ellen says

    I’ve been looking for great ideas for my husband to take out our daughter. We homeschool and he is recently unemployed so money is really tight lately. I want our daughter to still be able to experience the joy of getting to know her father on her own terms.

  3. Kirsten says

    We have 2 daughters and I’m always looking for ideas of things he can do with them. He’s an “all boy” type of man, so girls ( especially the girly girl our older daughter is) are completely foreign to him.

  4. Angel says

    this is perfect, my husband is often saying he has no idea how to spend time with our daughter, great timing for us, it is freeing to have ideas already thought of

  5. Debra says

    We always want for our children what we didn’t have, but in this case it really is for the best. It would be great to win this especially if it helps my husband and daughter grow together. Thanks for another great giveaway, so fun!

  6. Rhonda says

    We have two girls who love going on dates with their Daddy, but as most homeschooling families, we are one income. We definitely need more ideas to have them still get to go, but not kill our budget. =)

  7. says

    I’d love to win this for my husband. He works all day, so some inspiration in spending 1:1 time with my kids on his time off would be helpful! :)

  8. VeronicaS says

    I’d love to have a book like this for my husband to use for daddy dates withour daughter.

  9. Misty Reynolds says

    What an amazing way to help my husband come up with new ways to spend time with our daughter. Would love to bless him with this book. Thank you!

  10. Bev says

    what a blessing this would be for my husband and daughter. this book would be an excellent resource for him to refer to as they build their relationship .thanks for the opportunity to enter the book giveaway

  11. Amy says

    I think this would be an awesome book for my husband and our daughters. Especially since finances tend to be an issue.

  12. says

    We have 3 daughters and their dad is always looking for ways to connect with them and stay connected. I can’t wait to see what inspiration this book provides!

  13. Nikki says

    I would love for my husband to have this book. We have 3 daughters and this would be very helpful.

  14. Joellen says

    I would love to win this for my husband. We have three girls and a boy, and ideas for spending one on one time with the kids would be very helpful.

  15. RaShell S says

    We made a commitment to have at least one special thing with each child this year. We have almost completed that goal and plan on doing it again. I would love some new ideas! :)

  16. says

    We were just discussing the adoption day father-daughter date that is my husband and daughter’s tradition yesterday! Because I was a single mom with a toddler when we married, it is very important to us for her to know how incredibly special it is that Daddy chose us both, so daddy-daughter dates are so important on that very special anniversary. :-) But, with a growing family, mommy working from home on our home-run business and not much in the way of extra funds, it would be great to have some ideas for how to make those dates special on a budget!

  17. Crystal says

    I would love this book for my family. My husband is an active duty Marine and we have two beautiful biracial daughters. We are always looking for ways to help daddy connect with the girls and serve as a strong positive role model. Having weekly daddy daughter dates would be amazing.
    Thanks for the great post!