5 Ways to Sneak Music & Art Education Into Your Homeschool

Music is a gift that most people cherish. Whether it’s listening to music, singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or even writing music; music brings joy to most people. Art is the very much the same as music in that it brings great joy to those who behold it. Whether you enjoy looking at art or creating it – there is no denying that it is a wonderful asset to any persons life! I have met many homeschool families that feel like they need help incorporating these subjects into their homeschool. I wanted to give a few ways that you can sneak this into your day without feeling the pressure of teaching a full on curriculum as well as a suggestion to help you implement these important subjects into your child’s life!

5 Ways to Sneak Music & Art Education Into Your Homeschool


Here are 5 ways to sneak music and art education into your homeschool:

1. Plan a day to do arts and crafts with some friends and make musical instruments. You can make them by using things from around the house. Oatmeal boxes are great drums and even great shell for a guitar. You can find lots of great ideas on the internet to use in your homeschool.

2. Have an art dance party! What’s that you say? An art dance party! Get kids moving (and burning off some of that crazy kid energy) with a dance party in your house or yard. Get out your art supplies and put on some music! Encourage your children to draw, paint, sculpt, or build something with legos with inspiration from the way the music
sounds or makes them feel.

3. Pick a night to do family portrait sketches and/or paintings. You can all take turns drawing or painting one another. Or if you have a sculptor or any other type of artist – let them do their rendition of you. No criticisms of what the artist creates – allow their creativity to flow and encourage them in it!

4. Have a family Karaoke night! Have fun singing songs together and do a little music history trivia according to the genre and time period of the music chosen! It will be sure to be a night of love, laughter, and fun!

5. Create a diorama of your child’s favorite story! Using an old shoe box, construction paper, and whatever art supplies you have on hand, your child can create a diorama of his/her favorite story. The possibilities are endless!

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