4 Ways to Keep Your Family Focused During the Busy Seasons

You know those really busy seasons … the kind where you barely have time to figure out where you are before you have to be somewhere else? Yeah, we are in one of those. We had a fairly slow January, but February went by in a blur; March and April are going to bring their own brand of crazy.

I have to admit, I used to look at families with schedules like ours with disdain, thinking they didn’t have their priorities in line or they were not very good time managers. {Obviously I had some issues with self-righteousness.} I’ve come to understand while those things may be the case in some situations, there are just times when life is b.u.s.y. And I am pretty sure this is especially the case when you have a vivacious, full-of-energy teenager, are married to a staff pastor at a growing church, and have your own rapidly expanding ministry.

All of that to say, it’s busy around here.

4 ways to keep your family focused during the busy seasons || Teri Lynne Underwood for ManagingYourBlessings.com

It would be really easy to let the chaos rule … and I admit there have been a few days when I’ve done just that. But I’ve found there are a few simple steps I can take to keep our family focused on what really matters to us even in the middle of the insanity.

Eat together.

I love to sit at the table for dinner and enjoy some long conversations. However, that isn’t always possible. I’ve found, though, when we eat together — even if it’s a late supper sitting in the living room — we stay connected. My goal is always one meal a day as a family. I don’t let that slide even during the busiest weeks. Whether it’s breakfast on one of those days when everyone won’t be home until late that night, or take out pizza after church on Wednesday nights, we eat one meal a day as a family.

Rest when you can.

We are big believers in Sunday naps and family movie nights.  When there are those brief respites of time on our calendar, we rest.  That means the laundry may stay undone or the dishes may sit in the sink until morning.  It’s okay with me. We rest when we can … and we don’t feel guilty about it.

Enjoy the chaos.

I know this might sound crazy, but I try really hard to remember to enjoy the chaos. We’ve worked with senior adults for most of the time Scott has been in ministry, and I’ve learned from them that life won’t always be so hectic. We try to embrace all the things we are able to do and the ways we are able to serve and be involved in our community. I am thankful for the health that allows us to go and do.

Remember, this too shall pass.

During the busy seasons, I remind myself {often!} it’s only a season. I’ve learned God is faithful to provide the rest I need and the slowing our family needs following the most crazy times of our lives. It’s so easy to allow the chaos to turn us into complainers. I really have to battle that urge sometimes, which is part of the reason I have trained myself to enjoy the craziness. Learning to embrace the difference seasons of life makes a huge difference in how we approach our schedules — whether busy or slow.

Maybe you are also in a busy season. Don’t fret! It won’t last forever. Maybe your busy season just passed. Relax! Enjoy the respite.  And maybe your busy season is looming ahead of you. Prepare! Make small choices that can have a big impact.

Whatever season you are in, enjoy it! Focus on the blessings and gifts of where you are.

How do you manage the busy seasons in your life?

Cheering you on,
Teri Lynne


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    {Melinda} Oh boy … do I get this. We are in one of those seasons, too, Carlie. Life is a blur. Two busy teenagers, a growing ministry. It is overwhelming. Your tips are great. The dinner time thing is so important. It’s been really tough to do that with kids in evening sports. But I do try. Even when I have to greatly lower my expectations. I love what you said about dinner in the living room. Being together is the most important thing during these times. I’m also going to take your advice and do better at embracing the chaos. I like order! :)

    Love your site!
    Mothering from Scratch recently posted..3 gifts our kids miss when life’s too easyMy Profile

    • Teri Lynne Underwood says

      “Being together is the most important thing during these times.” YES!! So glad you found this post encouraging!!

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    Teri Lynne- thank you for sharing your words of encouragement to those who are or might be coming into a busy season of life! We’ve all been there and most of will be there again, but one thing remains true in all the business life has to offer and that is our Savior! When we keep focus on Him and let everything else fall into place around that central point, we can see fruit, sweet productive fruit, coming from the chaos.
    Shannon Payne ( recently posted..Five Minute Friday: CrowdMy Profile

    • Teri Lynne Underwood says

      “When we keep our focus on Him and let everything else fall into place around that central point, we can see fruit, sweet productive fruit, coming from the chaos.”

      YES! Such truth … thank you for sharing.


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