2nd Annual Last Minute Homeschool Curriculum Funds Giveaway $300 PayPal Cash

Hosted by: ManagingYourBlessings.com

2nd Annual Last Minute Homeschool Curriculum Funds Giveaway

Hello friends! Welcome to the 2nd annual Last Minute Homeschool Curriculum Funds Giveaway! This year we are giving away $300 in Paypal cash divided up into two winners – each winner will receive $150 in PayPal cash to help purchase homeschool curriculum for their family. Last year we were able to bless three families with extra cash to buy curriculum. All three families had a financial need that only God could fulfill! It was an honor to fulfill the prayers of these families through the giveaway.

The Heart Behind This Annual Blessing

The Last Minute Homeschool Curriculum Funds Giveaway was created to bless homeschool families who are in need of financial assistance to purchase their homeschooling curriculum. The giveaway was birthed in the heart of Carlie Kercheval, founder of Managing Your Blessings & Today’s Frugal Mom, while praying for a friend who could not afford to buy her family’s curriculum due to the unexpected passing of her husband. It was from that moment on God placed a burning desire in her heart to begin to bless the homeschool community by providing funds for purchasing curriculum.

Giveaway Sponsors

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Enter to Win!

  • This giveaway is open to U.S. residents with a Paypal account.
  • Giveaway runs from August 24 (midnight PT) – August 30 (11:59pm PT)
  • Two random winners will be chosen – each will receive a prize of $150 in Paypal cash

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  1. Natasha says

    This would make it possible for me to get the next level of reading and math instruction for both my kiddos plus have the funds for some awesome classes at the local aquarium.

  2. Deirdre Atkins says

    This year has been hard for us financially and otherwise. The money would help pick up the final things we need for the school year.

  3. Kimberly Wendland says

    Wow. This money would so bless our homeschooling family! My husband is ironically a public school teacher while I stay @ home and homeschool our 2 boys. In the last few years, as a result of the nation’s economic problems, my small job has been deleted and all the teachers in our county have had furlough days where every year their pay is docked more & more. We have unpaid medical bills let alone no money for curriculum. My oldest is in middle school now & really needs more challenging stuff. If we won, we would use the money to buy some much needed math curriculum for him. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  4. shaka says

    With the new baby coming and settling into our new home things have been a little tight around here and this would totally be a blessing! I want to try a whole new approach to homeschool this year so this would help me accomplish that :)

  5. Mike N says

    Winning this would be a huge blessing…and enable us to purchase all our curriculum for the upcoming school year. Things have been very difficult the last few years: loss of job/home, major decrease in finances, several deaths in the immediate family, serious health issues.

    I pray the Lord will bless you & all those involved in this giveaway exceedingly abundantly above all you can hope for. Thanks for hosting it!

  6. roseann hackett says

    Love this. I’m a grandmother working and homeschooling a child with some special needs. Husband disabled this year we have to use what we have and internet resources this would be a blessing to us and I’m sure many more! Thanks

  7. Stacie N says

    We are moving from Maine to Iowa next week. Our house here sold, but after all is said and done we have to unexpectedly pay at closing. With moving expenses and now this, we simply don’t have any money for school curriculum or anything else.

  8. Donna Samuelson says

    We have not purchased any curriculum for r children because we had an unexpected car repair and have only one tiny income right now. This would be such a blessing to us, thank you!

  9. says

    Oh my! This money would help soo much! We just did not have money to spend on curriculum, and this is my first time as a homeschool mom. I am a little overwhelmed! Thanks so much for all your encouraging posts, and for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway! Love your blog!

  10. Deborah says

    We have 3 still at home, our son is starting high school this year. The money would allow me to purchase much needed books for him. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  11. Della Yoder says

    Since I haven’t ordered curriculum for this year, it would pay for both kids for the year.

  12. Kymberly Wampler says

    I would love to win this. As always, there are last minute “should’ve gottens” but this year money is tight :-(. Just moved with the military.

  13. Tyffany Clements says

    We would use the money for the extra supplies that our curriculum always calls for (Experiments, Art, ect…) to better enhance and enjoy our activities

  14. Heather Lian says

    Some of it would go for a printer so that I can print out what I need for my two preschoolers and supplement my K, 2, and 5 graders…our quit on us and there’s just not enough money to go around for a replacement. I’d use the rest for a netbook or cheap computer. My three older kids are doing all their full time work online and most of my planning is done online…another computer would give us time during the day to do other things as well, since two could work at the same time.

  15. Brenda says

    I love the idea of having some extra money to buy the fun materials we don’t splurge on. We all enjoy new science experiments and good art supplies, thanks for the chance!

  16. Laurie says

    What a true blessing this would be!

    We’ve put off buying curriculum for this year, as my husband’s employment situation has changed.

  17. Patti says

    it would be such a blessing to win this for my daughter! We are in our second year of homeschooling.

  18. Jenny Coe says

    I am due to give birth in the middle of the school year, which means I have to stop my writing gig for several months….which means 0 disposable money for homeschool needs. This would be so very helpful.

  19. Amy L says

    I have a daughter with Down syndrome and the best curriculum for her is pricey. What I used for big brother is not as effective. This would be a huge blessing to us!

  20. Lisa says

    I hate that money can be a blessing. . However this year has been a doozy financially! Every member has had chronic medical issues, cars breaking down ect…. The things life hands you. Could be worse, so thankful for what we do have. . That being said….The list is long for desired curriculum that is just too much. $300 would go a LONG way! I accept the challenge to see how far I can make that stretch! 😉

  21. cindy r says

    Like many homeschool families, we survive on one income. We have the basics, but we are lacking when it comes to science and math. I would use the funds to purchase hands-on tools and manipulatives for math and science.

    • amy says

      Hit the button to soon. I just closed my home daycare after 7 years to be a full time wife/mom/homeschool mom. With 2 now in “school”, there’s more to buy.

  22. Jennifer says

    I would like to purchase some furniture for more storage for our homeschool stuff and with the $300 I would be able to do that and more!

  23. Sherry Kelly says

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway. Winning this would bless us greatly and allow us to purchase everything we need for the year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  24. Susan says

    A little extra money always comes in handy about now. Seems the budgeted amount always runs out before I get everything we need.

  25. Amy J says

    This would be such a blessing. I have tried to keep what I have paid for school to a minimum. We have been give pieces of different curriculums. So I am trying to make it all work together. This money would help to fill in the gaps.

  26. Christy says

    We’ve been buying a lot of extra medical equipment for our daughter and changing her curriculum based on her abilities. We are also hoping to add another child to our family through foster adoption during this school year.

  27. Angela says

    My son loves science and we haven’t been able to get him the equipment to do experiments like he really wants to.

  28. tina says

    This would be such a blessing to my family.I am a single mom homeschooling 4 children and I could use help with curriculum.

  29. Emily E. says

    It would always be a nice treat to buy homeschool needs or wants without thinking about the budget or spreading it out over time.

  30. Heather A says

    Well of course this would be awesome for our homeschool expenses! Woot! Great giveaway, thank you!

  31. kristen mcclary says

    i just purchased books ughh but this would help with the many supplies that we go through like crazy

  32. Andrea Farley says

    This would pay for 5 months of the online curriculum we use (homeschoolingtorah.com. This would be great as we have been out of steady work for quite a while. A friend is helping us out for now and winning this would help to ease her burden as well.

    Thank you and blessings to all.

  33. Tiffany Livingston says

    We are having issues with our math curriculum. We do not have the extra money this year to purchase a different one. This would help us tremendously.

  34. Amanda says

    I would use it to get some of the extra things like science experiments, electives, or the programs I really wanted. It would be a huge blessing. Thanks.

  35. Deanna says

    This would bless us tremendously as we had unexpected expenses this summer that have kept us from being able to buy things we are needing. Thank you for the opportunity to win and thank you for blessing two families!!

  36. Clara A. says

    We still need to purchase our math curriculum for this year and some minor supplies…there just hasn’t been much to go around this year. This would be such a blessing. Thank you for hosting!

  37. Heiki says

    Oh my goodness ~ what a blessing this will be to whoever recieves it, thank you for the opportunity!

  38. JamieM says

    We would use additional money to purchase the three remaining subjects that we need to cover: spelling, history, and geography. We would also like to find some science kits/supplies.

  39. Edie S says

    Just started homeschooling my kindergartener, and wouldn’t you know my laptop starts acting funky. This would sure help in remedying the situation! Thanks fot the opportunity.

  40. Becca vachon says

    This money would allow us to purchase the homeschool Awana kit and some much needed literature. Books are expensive! Thank you for offering the giveaway, I’m sure whoever wins this will indeed be blessed.

  41. Laura E says

    We are starting our homeschooling adventure this year. I still need to purchase the curriculum for my 4th grader and 1st grader and some things for my 3 year old. This would be a huge blessing as we are trusting God to supply all we need for the coming year of schooling.

  42. Bridgette O says

    I just found out my daughter will be able to participate in the homeschooling program we wanted. I have absolutely no books, so literally starting from 0. I am also a single mom (one income) transitioning to homeschooling so of course, any help is a huge blessing!

  43. Cristina Checa says

    We are being stationed in Japan midway through this school year. This means that we will not have the school provided curriculum we have always used and must purchase our own. These funds would help us continue our three kids’ education evwn while overseas.

  44. Sharon says

    This would be such a blessing by helping me purchase some much needed special education materials for my young son.

  45. Sibyl Lilly says

    This would be a huge blessing!! We would be able to purchase individual curriculum for each of our kids at their own level.

  46. Amy says

    Like a lot of home school families, it’s tough to live on one income. This would be such a blessing and would help purchase the much needed curriculum to school our three boys.

  47. Jennifer says

    Hello, this money would bless us this year tremendously. My husband started a new career job after being let go this past spring. We are on assistance to help make ends meet. I worry every year about how we are going to afford curriculum. God always provides, this could be one of those ways. Thanks

  48. Chrissy says

    This would be such a huge blessing to my children to be able to afford the homeschool items we neededbut were unable to afford. Bless you for providing this giveaway to help homeschooling families – amazing!

  49. Danielle says

    Times get tight with a one income family, so buying the curriculum I would really like for my kids is not always possible. My son needs some more help with writing, and this money would allow me to buy a program that would work better for him.

  50. Staci says

    I have four children in homeschool this year. We are single income and all curriculum always goes on our credit card. I haven’t registered the kids with their umbrella school yet because I will need to pay with Paypal and our checking account just doesn’t have the funds right now. How nice of you to do a giveaway!

  51. kristen says

    this money would be a great blessing in allowing me to try some curriculum I have had my eye on but cannot afford to try – things that hopefully would help my struggling 2nd grader

  52. S Meyer says

    Thank you for this! What a blessing to be able to do even more for your kids and look to blessing others who could use this as well!

  53. Becky says

    I would purchase some writing and art curricula for my son who has been asking to learn how to draw!

  54. mamaD says

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter! What a blessing this would be. Especially with the trials and giants ourfamily is facing–His Grace is ENOUGH.

  55. Nadine says

    This is our first year homeschooling, and it’s been expensive! We’ve had to purchase bits of curriculum at a time. We still have a lot to order, and we’ve not been able to afford any of the “extras” either. This would be a great blessing for us!

  56. Terri Moore says

    This would bless our family as we start to home school high school with our son. He wants to work toward a field in engineering and we would love to get him some software for learning how to program. This would require a new laptop that would be fast enough to run the programs. He has already saved a good bit towards this but is only half way there. Thank you for the opportunity and for being a blessing to a home-school family.

  57. April Silva says

    This would helps to make it possible to purchase the next level math and science programs we need for our 5 children. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  58. Tracey Y says

    We have had a rough summer, and this would allow us to get a couple more items – maybe some fun things!! Thank you!

  59. Shannon says

    I’m trying to go curriculum free this year (to save money!), but there will be many supplies for unit studies and whole books we’ll be interested in investing in this year, this would be such a blessing!

  60. Annette says

    This would help me with supplies/books that I need for our science program. I would also use some of the money for the two classes that I teach for our local military homeschool group.

  61. SarahBeth Newton says

    I am really wanting to develop a more literature based curriculum for my daughter and this would go a long way in building our library!

  62. Deanna says

    I am needing to purchase our Bible Curriculum still and this would be great to get that finished!! What a great giveaway!

  63. Michelle says

    This is such a neat idea. A big blessing to the winners. This would help us with piano lessons.

  64. Jessica Stinson says

    I have 3 kids and one is starting high school and we are in need of a few extra things to help him get a boost in getting his credits and right now money is extremely tight. We could really use this

  65. Angela C says

    This would be used to fund the rest of our curriculum for the year and provide for a trip to the new local aquarium!

  66. Jennifer says

    We would use the money to purchase the last few items that we need and money to go towards a local zoo pass for the year.

  67. Jennifer DelaCruz says

    The money would definitely be a blessing. Homeschooling multiple children gets expensive!

  68. Lori Campbell says

    We would be so blessed by this if we would win. ….I’ve been home schooling but by the seat of my pants finding scope and sequences from various places ….I try and make sure my child gets as much as she can but sometimes it’s hit or miss on certain subjects. ..I really need teachers guides to give me guidelines. Thank you so much for considering us.


  69. Heather Culp says

    This would be very helpful for purchasing the next level in reading and spelling curriculum that my son is going to need soon.

  70. Sarah says

    This would be helpful and encouraging to me. We have two in college and four in homeschool. God is Good!

  71. Denice says

    This would bless us SO much!! I few last minute things I would love to get, but because we are self-employed, and only 3 years into our business and still trying to grow it, we have NO extra funds!

  72. Heather K. says

    We’ve got almost all of our main curriculum resources for the year, but we don’t really have anything left over for supplemental resources–experiment supplies, a rock kit for our geology study, craft supplies, and a few books that we’ll be using several times, so it would be nice to have them in hand rather than having to keep checking them out from the library!

  73. says

    this will bless us so much! we just made an unexpected move and had to use other money to do it. Winning this would allow us to buy the tools we need to start our year!

  74. Kelly says

    This would be a huge blessing. My husband is a pastor of a very small church and finances are always tight. Thanks for the chance to win.

  75. Becky C says

    I really want to get Dyslexic Games for two of my sons… But its not really an option with finances right now. I am trying to use the ideas written out for now, but the curriculum would be an amazing blessing to have!!

  76. Marie says

    I am disabled so I don’t work. I stay at home and homeschool via k12. While their younger grades are amazing their middle school grade level work is severely lacking. And I have found some resources on electronics learning that both of my boys would enjoy. And I would love to find an English teachers edition book since that seems to be the class that is lacking the most resources to properly teach him. Unfortunately I don’t have the money for these though we are constantly checking our goodwill stores in the area since we found an amazing teachers edition science book to assist with his science classes as well as a few calculus, trig, and engineering based books. (My son wants to be an engineer for the past8 years.)

  77. Jennifer G. says

    Hi! I’m a 44 year old single mommy to a beautiful 6 year old girl! This would be such a blessing to us. School starts for us the day after labor day and I’m nervous about the financial aspect of schooling this year but I know by the grace of God we will get by! I’m truly grateful for everything he provides for us. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Sarah Stewart says

    We are living on a single income so I can be home with the girls. We are loving and God has blessed us with so many memories because of it. There are several items which were cut from my wishlist for schooling this year, items which would simplify and enhance our lessons and fun play-time for my preschooler.

  79. Jenna Smith says

    This would be amazing! This is our first year homeschooling and we have 6 children, only 4 will be schooling.

  80. Kendra says

    This would be such a blessing! We would use it towards math manipulatives and history curriculum for my youngsters.

  81. Celeste says

    We started farming and ranching this year, and things are tight as we wait and pray for a good harvest and prices for our crop. This would allow me to get more than the essentials on my list, but Iknow whoever receives it will be so blessed!

  82. Cindy says

    Having to always just buy the essentials, this would be amazing to purchase some of those extra fun things.

  83. Mary F says

    Being a single mom on disability we don’t often purchase items for our homeschool. We use alot of free and hand me down items. It would be such a blessing to be able to purchase some of the items I would like to have. One would be All About Spelling and the other would be English from the Roots Up. I know there is more on the wish list!

  84. Valerie says

    This would really help us get the few things we need but haven’t been able to purchase for this school year.

  85. Rebecca says

    Money is always a blessing to a tight budget. This would allow us to add some enrichment to our day.

  86. Ashleigh S says

    With as much as Gos has blessed us, being able to have some extra money for curriculum that we could pass on to my neighbor that is just starting out on her homeschool journey would be amazing!

  87. Mindy H. says

    My family would be so blessed if we won because we would be able to actually buy new curriculum this year. My husband lost his job and right now we just don’t have the budget to update our the curriculum we currently have.

  88. Liza Ramsey says

    My preschooler needs his own desk and chair. He would also love to have some new books.

  89. Jen says

    I would love to win this prize because it would be such a blessing to our homeschool. We have things on our list for the year that we’ve chosen not to buy because our budget that I would love to be able to add in if we had the extra money. Plus, we have an unexpected blessing of child #5 coming in the spring that will stretch us in many ways.

  90. Maureen says

    This would be a blessing for our family because I have had to say “no” too many times and would instead love to tell the children “yes” to attending homeschool classes once a month at our local zoo, a family pass to the Orlando Science Center and the Life of Fred math resource they requested.

  91. Jenna M says

    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful blessing! Congratulations in advance to the winners!

  92. DianeMargaret Miller says

    How would this money NOT come in handy?!!
    I can think if SO many things I would still need…I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to one idea!

  93. says

    This would be such a blessing to my family. I would share the winnings with my daughter who also homeschools her children but is having financial trouble getting the curriculum she needs for the girls. We are on a tight budget and can only do so much to help her.

  94. Aimee M says

    Thanks for the great giveaway! If my family were to win, we would buy a new computer as ours just quit working right as we are about to start the new school year.

  95. Diana Ladouceur says

    As a mom of six, there are always homeschool needs, and it would be such a great blessing. Thanks for the giveaway. :)