A Frugal, Delight-Directed, Homeschool Kindergarten

I recently was asked about inexpensive and free homeschool kindergarten curricula from a sweet mom of a special needs student. Today I’m sharing with you the advice I gave to her, and if anyone would like to add or share encouragement, I know there are readers who would be blessed; just leave a comment at the end!

A Frugal Delight Directed Homeschool Kindergarten

First, I want to say to anyone who has made the decision to homeschool - I think you are awesome! For whatever reason, you have found yourself in this moment right now where you have taken the full responsibility of educating your child upon yourself, and I know that both you and your student will learn from and be blessed by the experience.

We started homeschooling by using workbooks we purchased from the dollar section of the big box store. We also used online freebies I found from amazing bloggers who poured their time, energy and talents into creating these resources, and then generously shared them with homeschooling moms like me.

Honestly, I would say that at the kindergarten level, that is probably still going to be the most frugal way for you to go. It’s also going to allow you the flexibility you need to work at your child’s pace, letting him/her master a skill before moving on.


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If you could pick one resource to make an investment in, my recommendation would be All About Reading. You can take the placement tests to see which level (Currently Pre-Reading  to level 2 are available) would best work for your child. It is multisensory, made for all types of learners, and mastery-based. It’s also 100%  guaranteed, so if it doesn’t work for you, you’re not stuck with it. Check out All About Reading Here.

Using the delight-directed method  would be another great way to approach learning in your homeschool. Figure out what your child loves and is good at, and then “sneak” letters and numbers into that activity. This way your child can be introduced to and learn a concept in a way that doesn’t feel like a “lesson.” It may take a little creativity on your part, but perhaps by intentionally thinking about how everyday life can be a learning experience, a new world and way of looking at education will be opened for both you and your little one.

You may want to consider some other non-traditional learning options, too. If workbooks aren’t the way your child learns best, perhaps watching some educational videos or playing learning games like those on www.starfall.com or www.abcya.com would help him/her learn and understand those basic concepts and skills…without even realizing that he/she was learning!

Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org) is a free option for teaching and learning. It’s not really a school or a traditional curriculum. It’s more like a catalog of lessons for any subject you could ever want to learn. The video lessons may be a more engaging way for your little one to learn.

I wouldn’t limit yourself to an “official” kindergarten homeschooling curriculum. I can tell you really want to do what’s best for your little one and you want so much to see him/her succeed. Don’t stress yourself out by putting yourself and your little one into a box that may not fit you!

The first thing I would do if I were you is figure out what the legal obligations for kindergarten in your state are, so you know where to focus your energy – check out www.hslda.org.

Here are a few more links I found for free/frugal kindergarten/elementary homeschool resources:

For more special needs info, these bloggers are also wonderful:

I pray that you have been blessed by these resources!


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    Great post, Heather! Homeschooling does seem to be rising in popularity these days. And Khan Academy is something that people of all ages love, right? It has everything from reading lessons to calculus. Thanks for sharing those links!