Lego Fractions: Hands-On Learning

If you’re trying to find a concrete way to explain fractions that will grab your child’s attention, try creating Lego Fractions.

For this post, I’m using 3/4 as the example.

Get out your Lego Bricks or Duplo building blocks and explain that fractions are just a way of saying how much of something there is. Then make this:

Lego fractions three fourths

Say, “See? Three out of 4 blocks are red. That’s what it means when we say ¾.” Now ask them something like, “What if I had 8 blocks? How would I show ¾ of 8?”

three fourths of eight

Keep going for as long as interest holds. Then let them create.

three fourths of various numbers


There are lots of fun ways to use Legos in your homeschool! Enjoy!