Schloss Linderhof {Ettal-Linderhof, Germany}

Hello friends!

Today, on day 9 of my Exploring Germany series, we are off to visit Schloss Linderhof (Linderhof Palace) situated in the beautiful Graswang Valley near the village of Ettal. Okay, so do you remember {crazy} King Ludwig II we talked about when we visited Schloss Neuschwanstein on day 4? Well he owned and built this place too. The Linderhof Palace was said to be King Ludwig II’s favorite at which he spent the most time.

We were not allowed to take photos inside of the palace, so my photos will consist of the outside, beautiful grounds, and gardens of the palace.

Schloss Linderhof

The palace had a lot of beautiful finishes from carvings, sculptures, and gold finishes that were absolutely stunning in person. It is hard to depict the true beauty of this creation through photographs. I pray you will get to visit it for yourself one day!



These photos are from the back of the palace, side of the palace, and front portion of the Linderhof Park.



Linderhof Palace

The “Linderhof Park” are the grounds in front of the palace and they are absolutely breathtaking! You can see portions of the German Alps from everywhere!



Since I was not able to take photographs inside of the palace, I have found a few photos from professional photographers who were contracted to take pictures inside of the palace to give you some insight into it’s beauty! Believe me, these photos DO NOT do the beauty of this palace any justice at all. However, it gives some insight to the immense beauty of this palace!

Schloss Linderhof

The Kings Bed Chamber
© Bayerische Schlosserverweltung


Schloss Linderhof Audience Chamber

Audience Chamber
© Bayerische Schlosserverweltung


Picture: Hall of Mirrors Schloss Linderhof

Hall of Mirrors
© Bayerische Schlosserverweltung


Picture: Dining Room Schloss Linderhof

Dining Room
© Bayerische Schlosserverweltung

I hope you enjoyed day 9 of my Exploring Germany series! See you back here tomorrow for the final day of our journey together!


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