Summer Fun At Playmobil Park!

Do any of you remember playing with Playmobil toys as a child? I sure do. For those of you from, or living in Germany, Playmobil Fun Park is a must “see and do” for your young children! We took a visit to this amazing theme park as one of our last family “hoorah’s” before Daddy departs. And for those of you living in the states, there is also a Playmobil Fun Park in Orlando to check out!

The boys (ages 2 and 4) thoroughly enjoyed every square meter of this park! Their favorite things were the slides and water features as it was a hot day. Our daughter’s (age 10) favorite things at the park were the many LONG slides as well as the 2-story climbing activities indoors. Oh yeah, and I guess everyones favorite was the massive waffle cone goodness of our own choice! YUMMY! I got a banana sundae, Michael (aka Daddy) got a Kit Kat cone, and the children all got bubble gum. A highlight for sure.

I LOVE taking photos of the family (and anything really) with my Canon Rebel T2i, but sometimes I don’t want to take it to places where it could possibly get ruined. As a result, I have purchased a “cheaper” digital point-and-shoot camera to take along to some of our family adventures. WELL, I only had this “cheaper” camera for a couple of weeks, and of all times to break, it did at Playmobil Fun Park! So Below are some of the pictures my substitute camera took before it died. Enjoy!

**Remember you can CLICK on any photo below to make it bigger :)

P.S. I did take the substitue camera back and ended up giving it another try – so hopefully it will last a bit longer this time! LOL :)

I pray that you are all enjoying your summer as much as we are ours. We have a few more fun activities to look forward to as we propel from our “light” load of summer school into the fullness of our school year ahead.
In Christ,
Carlie K.