10 Books That Have Comforted Me While Raising My Teen Daughter

10 Books That Have Comforted Me While Raising My Teen Daughter

10 Books That Have Comforted Me While Raising My Teen Daughter

Raising a teenager to have Christian values in this day and age is no easy feat. While it can certainly be done, we must be sure to seek wise counsel from those who have gone before us as we parent our children as unto the Lord. I am quite certain that those of you reading this post all want to raise teens who choose to do what is right in the midst of a chaotic world and the delicate time of adolescence. Today I want to share with you 10 books that have given me comfort while raising our children, but even more so as our teenager. I am grateful for those who have gone before me and are willing to share their knowledge of the scriptures and life experiences to help my husband and I raise our children from a Christian perspective.

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I believe that these books are part of our village.

Here are 10 books (in addition to the Bible) that have brought me comfort while raising our teenage daughter:

1. Boundaries with Teens: When to Say Yes, How to Say No. I am a huge fan of all the “Boundaries” books. This book encourages parents to set healthy expectations for our teens, how to deal with disrespectful attitudes while walking in love, and so much more. It is a great way to remind yourself of the biblical principles that can escape you when dealing with issues that can arise during the adolescent stage.

2. Keeping Our Children’s Hearts: Our Vital Priority. The primary focus of this book is how to raise children that are not rebellious. This is packed full of wise counsel that if implemented, will make the tween and teen years much easier on both parent and child. I would highly recommend reading this book when your children are small and pick it up a again a time or two when they are older as well. Such practical, godly advice.

keeping our children's hearts

3. Grace-Based Parenting. This book encourages parents to model God’s behavior of love, forgiveness, and grace rather than being the rigid rule making law giver. It is a great approach to teaching us how to gently guide our children into God’s grace and a lasting loving relationship between parent and child.


4. Five Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter. This book is a great way to really get to the heart of the matter with your baby girl. It addresses the lies that are bred in our culture when it comes to women and their worth. Our daughter happens to be an extravert and talks to me about everything. However, if your daughter is an introvert by nature, this book can help ease the awkwardness that can occur when our daughters come to an age of understanding things that are unique to adolescence.


5. Shepherding a Child’s Heart. This book is hands down a solid classic Biblical view of parenting our children. It has given me comfort for raising our daughter (and sons) in the teen years and well beyond (I am quite certain).

sheparding a child's heart

6. Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus.
This book encourages parents to give God’s life changing grace to help teach your child(ren) heartfelt obedience at an early age that helps them become the adults God has destined them to be.

give them grace

7. Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens. While this book is aimed at parenting teens, I really really think that you should get this book well before the teen age years. This book really tears down the modern stereotypes that parenting the teenage years has to be horrible — because the truth is, it doesn’t. He covers many wonderful things that will help clear the “debris” around your family, heart, and relationship and allow room for golden opportunities (God’s will) to take place instead!

age of opportunity

8. The Power of a Praying® Parent Deluxe Edition. This was actually the very first parenting book we received when I was pregnant with our firstborn (who is now a teen). This book has given us the conviction to continuously fight for our children’s hearts in prayer. There is such wide variety of prayer that this book covers that has helped us get to where we are today in our flourishing relationship with our tween. I highly recommend this book.

power of a praying parent

9. Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe. This book by Sally Clarkson (yes, one of my faves) and Sarah Mae has been such a blessing to me. Contained within these pages you will find hope and restoration for the challenging times you are likely facing right now with your teen (and other children as well).


10. Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess. This book is just what the title suggests: Hope for the weary mom. The first time I read this book I was in tears. It really touches deeply the many issues that mothers can be facing while trying their best to be good stewards over their children. But in the end, it brings us back to the center of our reason for living — Christ — our hope of glory!


I hope this list will help some of you who are currently raising teens and feel like you are barely keeping your head above water. I also pray that this list will serve as a resource for those with younger children who are preparing for the future – as it is never too early to learn about all the stages of parenting. Most of all, I pray that it will give someone hope who feels like their situation with their teen is hopeless. God can give you the wisdom you need to win your teens heart and keep it forever!

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    {Melinda} I’ve read three of those books and yes, they have been so helpful as I’ve raised my teen girl. Boundaries was great and I led 5 Conversations as a study. The fellowship with other moms, in addition to the great material, was so helpful and encouraging!

    Thanks for sharing … these will help many moms.
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